Linkin Park’s Amazing cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele @ the London Itunes Festival 

Battles & Young Montana?

Last Night, I was at the HMV Institute watching Battles & Young Montana?. 

First of all I was waiting in Birmingham city centre for my cousin. While I was waiting I spotted the drummer from Battles, John Stanier, walking around Birmingham in a pink shirt, listening to music (I do have a picture, but I can’t get it off my phone). My Brother was coming back from Glastonbury, so he was unsure if he could make it.

It was my first time in the HMV Institute, I was surprised how nice it was. While waiting for Young Montana? to start his set, I was shocked to meet an old friend whom I knew from primary school, secondary school and who used to live down my road.

The reason I went to this gig was to see Young Montana?, because I love his song Sacre Cool. It is such an upbeat, experimental, funky beat.

You can listen to it here 

But I remembered listening to Battles’ first album and thought it was good, so I dusted it off the shelf and played it again. It’s not good, it’s amazing!. It took me a bit of time to get into the newly released second album ‘Gloss Drop’ but eventually it clicked. So i was looking forward to seeing both acts.

Young Montana?’s set was absolutely amazing, he would change the song so smoothly from his genre of music, to something with a little bit of electro. When Sacre Cool came on, i was loving it.

Battles’ set was all from their second album, due to the fact one of the members split from the band. But some people in the audience did not understand this and were shouting “Play Atlas” (the most popular song from there first album, ‘Mirrored ‘). It was still a great set.

My brother finally made it to see most of Battles’ set.